Log Extension Deprecation

Log Extension Deprecation

Beginning May 4th, 2022, the capability to install certain log extensions will no longer be supported. In order to achieve consistency across all Auth0 offerings and to focus on enhancing the Auth0 Log Streaming feature, we are discontinuing the support of the following Log Extensions (Installed) as of November 2, 2022. The relevant Log Extensions are:

  • Auth0 Authentication API Webhooks
  • Auth0 Management API Webhooks
  • Logs to Cloudwatch
  • Logs to Logentries
  • Logs to Loggly
  • Logs to Logstash
  • Logs to Papertrail
  • Logs to Splunk
  • Logs to Sumo Logic
  • Logs to Logentries

Change Log details related Log Extension deprecation

Call To Action

  • To learn more about migration to Auth0 Log Streams, read this migration guide.
  • Setup the equivalent Log Stream
  • Ensure that the correct data is flowing through the log stream
  • Uninstall the relevant Log Extension

End of Life Notice

After November 2, 2022, these extensions will be uninstalled and removed entirely. Meaning tenant logs will not be available through any of the extensions referenced above.