Two Weeks Until Deprecation of Management API v1 - July 13, 2020!

Heads up! As mentioned in our last deprecation notice, the end of life for API v1 is right around the corner - July 13, 2020. To prevent loss of functionality, please review your tenant logs for API deprecation notices as per the Migration Guide and migrate your apps to API v2.

The final step in the migration, is to toggle “Legacy Management API v1” to “Disabled” in your tenant dashboard Settings > Advanced > Migrations. This signals that your migration is complete.

Don’t see specific API v1 depnotes in your tenant logs but DO see API V1 in the Migrations? Toggle it to disabled and monitor the tenant logs for http 410 errors. You can continue to test and toggle back and forth until EOL on July 13, 2020.

Not calling API v1 directly in your apps?

  1. Are you using the Sharepoint Custom Claims Provider? There are additional actions to take and pertinent information to review in the Migration Guide.
  2. If you are using the Auth0 AD/LDAP Connector Health Monitor extension v1, please upgrade to the latest release before disabling API v1. It uses these endpoints:
  • GET /api/connections/{connection-name}
  • GET /api/connections/{connection-name}/socket

If you experience issues with your migration or updates, please respond to this post or open a support ticket. We want to ensure that everyone gets migrated before the July 13, 2020 deadline.

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