Application Admin Dashboard Role Deprecation

Deprecated: 01 February 2021

End of life: 30 September 2021 (Public Cloud), September 2021 (Private Cloud monthly release v2109)

Auth0 is changing the role-based access control to the Dashboard. The Application Administrator role as defined today is being deprecated. Since the start of this deprecation, administrators are no longer able to invite members with the deprecated Application Administrator role. Existing application-specific administrators will continue to be able to use the Dashboard with the existing permission set until the end of life date.

A new set of Dashboard roles is available for improved and more secure collaboration among team members, including viewer and editor roles with limited access. A new Editor - Specific Apps role replaces the previous Application Administrator role for subscription plans where editor roles are supported.

Your tenants will be affected by this deprecation if all the following criteria is met:

  • Created before 01 February 2021
  • Have at least one tenant member with the Application Admin role
  • Haven’t opted-in to the Dashboard roles feature preview

Beginning on 01 February 2021, Auth0 will display a migration toggle to help you prepare for this change. For details, see Migrate to Manage Dashboard New Roles.

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