Dashboard Role Based Access Control is Now Generally Available for Enterprise Customers!

We are excited to announce that the Dashboard Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) feature is now generally available for enterprise plans!

With this feature release, more people on your team will be able to access the Auth0 Dashboard to fulfill their jobs without putting production applications and sensitive information at risk.

The new roles include:

  • Admin: Read and write access to all resources in the dashboard.
  • Editor - Specific Apps: Read and write access to specific applications.
  • Editor - Connections: Read, write, and create access to all types of connections.
  • Editor - Users: User Management operations (create, delete, block, unblock, reset MFA, reset password, update metadata, assign roles, etc.) and access to logs.
  • Viewer - Users: Read-only access to users and logs.
  • Viewer - Config: Read-only access to all configuration settings (applications, APIs, rules, security settings, etc.), except for sensitive information such as secrets, billings, users, and logs.

You can read more about the specific permissions for each role in the Auth0 documentation.

Why are we doing this?

Historically, Auth0 provided only Admin access to the Dashboard. Inviting colleagues to a tenant was risky as they could break the configuration by mistake or access sensitive and private information. Administrators became a bottleneck for performing administrative tasks in the dashboard, and sometimes custom solutions were required for overcoming this challenge, increasing time to market and cost.

With the new set of built-in roles, we expect to unlock some of the most common scenarios, such as:

  • Support specialists that need to troubleshoot login issues for end-users
  • Support/IT specialists that need to change password, reset MFA, or assign roles and permissions to end-users
  • Support/IT specialists that need to create connections for their customers in a B2B use case
  • Developers that need to troubleshoot their applications in production environments
  • Product managers that need to analyze their applications’ configuration and usage
  • Developers that need to configure settings for their own applications, but not others’

How does this affect you?

The new Dashboard Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is available for enterprise plans at no additional cost and no limits on the number of members per tenant.

We strongly encourage enterprise users to review the list of existing tenant members and downgrade them to a limited role if they do not require Admin access. We also encourage you to invite further team members with limited access to the Dashboard to improve collaboration within your teams in the most secure way.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or open a new Community topic. Thanks!



When will this be available for Private Tenants?

Hi @arthuston-abacus,

There isn’t a public release date for Private Cloud deployments, but I’d estimate that it would be available within the next couple of months.

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