Cannot get user event description via API

We want to use API " /api/v2/users/{id}/logs" to retrieve user related logs, but somehow we cannot always get “description” from the response body.

We have 2 instances, and one of them could return description.

Please be noted, according to the doc, event type “f” doesn’t have “description”, but it was returned.


I checked this internally and found out that if you get the logs with the management API, you’ll see that the description is empty for some log types. This is by design. In Auth0 Dashboard logs, we fill those empty descriptions with a lookup table (e.g. type:ssa → Successful silent authentication).

Thanks, @art.stupels , is it possible that you guys share the lookup table with us?

I don’t have full visibility of the implementation, but I assume you can look up against the table on this page: Log Event Type Codes

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