Publish external Google Social Sign In Without Custom Domain

My objective: Enable anyone to sign up for my app via Google Sign in without requiring a custom domain for my Auth0 sign in screen.

Allowing “external” sign up to with Google requires that I verify my app. When publishing my OAuth app on Google and specifying the standard redirect URI (https://{MY_TENANT} requires that I prove ownership of - which I of course don’t own.

How can I accomplish this goal without requiring a custom domain?

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Just contacted developers support with same question. Leaving here what I received:

Thank you for contacting Auth0 Support. When setting up the Google OAuth Consent screen, you don’t need to do anything else to verify the domain. You’ll just need to add as an ‘Authorized domains’ in that list and you’ll be able to use this feature in your production tenant.
According to the ‘Domain verification’ page in the Google Developer Console, “Proof of ownership is no longer required for push subscription URL domains. To verify your domain for other purposes (such as proving domain ownership for Google Workspace or accessing sensitive Google Search data for a site) please visit the Google Search Console .”.