Custom Signup w/ Social Login

We want to allow users to signup for our app via Google OAuth with a single button press from our website.

  1. How would we accomplish this
  2. Can social be used in the custom signup process here

If we can’t use the custom signup process, how do we redirect the user right from our website to the Google signup process?

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Hey there @jnarowski!

Not sure if I understand your usecase fully. Don’t you simply mean social connections, so that someone can signup, login to your service using their e.g. Google credentials?

Yes that’s correct.

Here is what I am trying to do:

  1. User presses a signup button on our website
  2. They are directed right to Google Authorization (through a redirect on auth0)
  3. Once they complete the authorization, they are provided a id_token and callback_url and logged directly into our app.

The primary question is:
how do I share a link that will go from our website to google (through auth0) without the user having to press “sign in with google” twice (once on our site, and one on the login screen).

something like

which will then redirect them to google login process through auth0

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Did you ever figure this out? This is exactly a use case I am looking for.