How to do automatic signup for first-time-login-users via social login in Auth0

I followed the quickstart tutorial from Auth0 website and successfully implemented a login feature for my website, using a test account which was added as a test user in auth0 dashboard. I’m using only the social login options; facebook and google, the username-password-sign-in option is disabled.
I want to to signup all users who login my website using their social login. Also I want to use the user metadata option to store user data. Right now, when I try to login using a new account, after the Auth0 Lock screen, I get the permissions screens “ wants to access your Google Account” and I click allow, then I get Authorize App
consent popup with message “myapp is requesting access to your myappsignin tenant”. I want disable the consent and automatically add users to auth0 user metadata. How do i do that in auth0?

I found this and this while searching for an answer. Anybody please help me understand.

Hello there @anoopdecodes and first let me start off with apologize for the delay in response!

Now to focus on your question I believe the best response was one you linked but I’ll quote below for others:

So in reviewing this suggestion, it’s really important to look at the danger assoicated with it. Is there a particular reason why feel disabling the consent messaging is ideal? I would love to share a more in-depth conversation about this together if you are still facing this challenge.

Due to the age of this question I will keep the topic open for 10 days unless I hear otherwise from you. Please let me know if there is any way I can assist.

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