Using Auth0 as Social Login for another Auth0 account


I have a specific use-case where I have two separate Auth0 accounts (e.g. Company A and Company B), and I want to add one of them as a Custom Social Login option in the other one. So for example:

  • User opens Company A login page (built with Auth0)
  • User clicks on “Login with Company B” social login button
  • User gets redirected to Company B login page (also built with Auth0)
  • After login, user will be logged-in and redirected to Company A website

I tried using one account’s Client ID and Secret in the other one as a custom social provider but it didn’t work. Now my question is, is this even possible?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @auth_cutradition,

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Yes, this should be possible. What isn’t working? How have you configured it?

You can also DM me your tenant name and I will take a look.


Thanks Dan! Here’s how I configured it:

  • The first tenant is the main login page, and the second one is the one I want to use as social login option
  • I have two apps in my second tenant (one of them is M2M) and I tried the following with both of them:
  • In first tenant I created a Custom Social Connection and added the following information:
  • Then I enabled the apps I want to use in first tenant and saved everything
  • Now when I click try connection, it says: The client with id "XXX" (oauth) was not found
  • However I double-checked Client ID and it is correct

I will send my tenant names to you.

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OK, it seems that the Auth URL was wrong. I used (the same URL, but without oauth) and now the login shows-up. Also I had to use the non-M2M app in order for it to work. However after login, I receive the following error:

  "error": "invalid_request",
  "error_description": "Invalid user id."
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I was able to fix the problem by modifying the Fetch User Profile Script mentioned here in the docs:

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Thanks for providing all of this context! I’m glad you were able to get it working :smile: