Use Auth0 to connect single user to multiple social apis

My intention with my app is to let users signin with a custom social login, and then while logged in there will be a list of other social providers that they can authorize with so that my app can sync data between different social platforms using their authorized api access_tokens. So sign in, and then authorize many more social platforms so that my app has access to all their identity providers access_tokens in one place.

I have my custom social login working and then on my user dashboard I have the additional social connect buttons. I thought I might just call ‘loginWithRedirect’ again and the universal login screen would open, but it does not. I tried with the popup method and it just opens and closes. I’m assuming the SDK is detecting that I’m already logged in and just not doing anything.

I read up on “linking social accounts” and thought that was going to achieve what I wanted, but I’m starting to think that is actually for people who have signed-in at least twice from two different socials.

Can I use Auth0 in the way that I want?

I’m also looking into the same flow, I’m dabbling with linking social accounts, did you get your answer? Right now it does not look like Auth0 provides such a solution.