Multiple Social Logins

Hi there,

We are using auth0 to manage signups to multiple social providers (facebook, twitter, linkedin etc).

The user signs up to our app, then links their social accounts.

It is possible that they would want to link several twitter accounts for example.

We use a hosted lock login.

How would I be able to do this in Lock ?

It would be something like the “Last Time You Logged in With” option.

Thanks very much.

Just to add some context.

A user signs into our system with an email/password (not in auth0 at the moment).

They choose to connect their Twitter Account.

We are using auth0 metadata to store the tokens for later use.

The user then wants to connect ANOTHER Twitter account.

Currently the only way they can do this is to logout of their Twitter Account and then try to connect Twitter again.

Is there a way to force social signups to always make the user choose their account ?

Thanks, Nigel.

Hey there @NigelGodfrey!

Unfortunately it varies a lot across social services in terms of being intuitive. When you authorise an app to login via Twitter, you can login/logout and select a different one (what you mentioned) and that’s it, it’s not as intuitive as Google where you can pick one of your accounts.

Hope it helps!


Google does make it easier.

Asking our users to log out so they can connect another account is not ideal.

But if there is no other way, then we have no choice.

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