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Connecting multiple accounts




I have a question which I think should be popular but couldn’t find its answer.
So I would like to connect social accounts to each other. For example the user signs up for the first time (with whether social account or username/password). Now I would like to give the user the opportunity to connect their other social accounts to be able to login with different accounts. Is it possible in Auth0? I already saw a question about connecting account having similar email, but I want to be able to do it even when the email address is not the same. I don’t see a way to do it during sign up, but is there a management API to connect accounts?



I believe you would need to do this within your app. E.g., a settings page where your users can add additional social login identities, which you could then store in the identities array in their profile.

Attaching additional identities to an existing user:


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