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How can I connect social logins (and/or Extend account) with my Auth0 account?



Is it intentional that there is no way to connect my social logins (Github, FB, etc.) with my Auth0 account that I have at ?

I cannot change the profile myself at all, such as replacing the avatar picture, changing full name / display name. I signed up for the user account via email/password.
Usually I would expect that somewhere in the profile section there would be a way to connect my Social accounts with it afterwards, but I cannot find any option for it.

I also found that for, I need a new account, my Auth0 login would not work there, which surprised me as well, since I would expect that SSO would be supported here.

Also, seems to work with a separate account, so that while working with Auth0, I have a total of 3 different accounts already. Why isn’t there one single account for all?


Got the info from the support staff that it’s current not possible but passed as feedback to the product team.


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