How to create a custom social login, linked with Auth0?

Today Auth0 provides well know external social identity providers.

We use Auth0 to authenticate our users, and we want to build our own custom Login Button too for our ecosystem of partners apps.

Do you know good articles to provide that, using our Auth0 users database and login system ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Hi @Aarbel,

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Have you looked at creating a custom Oauth2 connection?

@dan.woda maybe my question was not clear:

I don’t want to include a custom oauth2 connection in my app login, i want to create our own company custom oauth2 process and button that other partner companies can use in their login.
Our company’s name is Clovis, so we want to help other companies to “Login with Clovis”, and onboard really easily users from our platform.

The best would be to don’t have to build ourself an authorization server and UI, and use directly auth0 for that (if of course it’s something that your service provide).

Is that clear ?

Thanks for providing more information. To confirm, you are looking to add a Clovis login option to the list of social identity providers available to all Auth0 Customers?

@dan.woda yes. We want to provide our own OAuth Login / SignIn social identity provider.

Can we directly use Auth0 to provide this workflow, or do we have to develop ourself an Authorisation Server / UI ?

Providing this login solution thru Auth0 Social Identity Providers would be a good start, but we’d also like to allow companies that don’t use Auth0 to use this “Clovis login” option.

Thanks for your help

@dan.woda any infos about it ?

Hi @Aarbel,

I checked with our team about it.

You can create third party applications for your users (developers). This can be done via the Management API or using dynamic client registration. You will want to make your connection a domain level connection.

We don’t provide a UI for this. You will need to create your own developer portal, you could use something like

Also be aware of entity limits.

Thanks a lot @dan.woda,

do you have a particular article / tutorial about setting it with backstage ?

I understand that you provide all the back-end apis, but not the UI side right ? (to be clear, for example the UI Side of third party authentication for google is that:


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