Google Social Login and Auth0 - Domain Verification

Hello all, How you doing?

After so much effort to implement and integrate an Svelte App with Auth0 I managed to make it running and ready for production.

For my surprise while changing the app status on Google for “Production” I received the following message:

Trying to solve it seems that the only option is to pay the minimum subscription tier of Auth0 to enable custom domains. Am I wrong?

I am worried because paying U$23,00 per month for the auth system is going to be the highest coast for my app development, even bigger than paying for hosting it.

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Ok, Think I solved it since there’s about 10minutes and my application still working fine.

You don’t need to have auth0 in your domains list in google. Just remove it and keep your application domain only.

The only urls from auth0 that you need to place in Google Console are going to be inside the URIs, for redirect.

I can’t remember but I have in mind that in some tutorial from Auth0 it was said to put the Auth0 in google console.

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Thanks for the quick update @Pedroglp!

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