PSA: Don't exceed your quotas our you'll be "upgraded" to a plan that locks you out

Just a PSA to other users: if you’re on a plan that doesn’t offer the Teams feature, be very, very careful about exceeding any of your usage quotas. If you exceed your quotas, Auth0 will (quite reasonably) give you a warning, and then upgrade you to a more expensive plan automatically. That’s not much of a problem, but if the new plan includes the “Teams” feature, then they’ll create a new team for you, add your tenant to that team, select someone at random (I hope a tenant administrator, but for all I know it’s an Auth0 employee) as the “Team Owner”, and not tell you who that is. Only the Team Owner can access your billing information, only the Team Owner can invite new members to your tenant, only the Team Owner can add new Team Owners, and only the Team Owner can see who the Team Owner is.

If you contact support, they also cannot tell you who was assigned as the Team Owner (for privacy reasons, apparently?), but they can get you added as a Team Owner yourself. This involves some form of “verification” process that takes an indeterminate amount of time (at least several days, I’m still waiting on this part). Of course, whoever it was that was designated the Team Owner at random during the automatic upgrade process, didn’t have to go through any verification for whatever reason.

In short, be very careful of your quotas. Auth0 is generous with their warnings, which is nice, but the automatic “upgrade” that occurs if you fail to rectify the situation can cause significant problems.