What to do when you exceed your subscription's assigned quotas (over quota)

Let’s talk about what happens when you exceed your subscription’s assigned quotas and what steps you should take at this point.

At this point, you have a couple of options:

  1. You can either upgrade your plan,
  2. Or you can reduce your usage.

To make a decision, head over to the Quota Utilization page and check out your product usage - this page will inform you about your users and feature usage.

Upgrade Your Plan

If you’re planning on maintaining your current usage or increasing it - let’s say for example that your product will be scaling up within the next year - then the next step is to upgrade to a plan that fits your needs best.

Let’s walk through some quick steps on how to upgrade:

  1. Head to the Auth0 Dashboard
  2. Click on Settings and then the Subscription tab
  3. Select a plan and quota
  4. And click Upgrade!

Reduce Your Usage

If you’re unable to upgrade your plan and need to reduce your usage, we’d recommend reaching out to our Sales team to learn about your options. You will continue to receive these messages as long as your tenant is exceeding the subscription’s assigned quota.

If your continued usage is above your assigned limits for three consecutive months, and if you are on a paid plan, your account will automatically be upgraded. You can make changes to your plan at any time to ensure it is most suitable for your usage.

Our team is always here to support you. Our sales team can help if you’re unsure about which plan to select or want to explore the Enterprise plan options. Let us know if you have any questions!