Question about upgrade

Hi @rueben.tiow,
i did upgrade to Essentials plan, but i do not understand what is the difference between tenant and Team members , i invited new members to the team but i can not see them as members to the tenant also i have two tenants prod and dev but i can still see that the dev is tilll in free subscription , i didnt understand this as well .

dev also stayed in free subscription dont understand do i need to pay for each Tenant a subscription

Hi @nihed,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

Try checking on the Teams Dashboard if you have invited them as a Team member.

Let me clarify that Team members and tenant members have different access controls over the tenant.

For example, a tenant admin member will have full administrative access to the tenant settings and resources in the Auth0 Dashboard. (Reference: Add Tenant Members)

Whereas a team owner has full access to the team dashboard (list of all tenants, tenant creation restriction, team members management) and can access specific tenants of which they are a member.
(Reference: Team Member Management)

Can you confirm if you created these tenants under your custom agreement rather than your personal account?