Provide access to logs, which can help to trace issues with custom SMTP provider

Feature: Provide more comprehensive logging to enable development team/Ops to trace issues with emails when custom SMTP is configured.

As Auth0 customers we faced with issue that logs which we get from Auth0 are not enough to trace problems with emails.
The problem is that we can see in logs that invitation was created, but we cannot find anything in logs which can help us to understand that it was passed to custom SMTP.
Same for other emails which can be requested by the customer of our system (Reset Password as an example).
WE raised support ticket asking to provide us with confirmation that email was send from Auth0.
Support Engineer provided those

So we were able to pass that information to SMTP provide to highlight that issue most likely on their side.

As engineer or Ops persona I need a way how from Auth0 logging I can confirm that communication between Auth0 and custom SMTP was successful for all types of emails which could be sent.

Hi @yup,

Thanks for the feature request!


Could you please help to understand whether feature was accepted or not?


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Hey there!

Unfortunately it gathered no votes from other community members and there were other feature requests that got way more votes so right now it’s still waiting in the queue to be eventually taken into account

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