Email notifications for auth0 events

Is there any easy way to get a notification each time a new user signs up to my service? I’d also be interested in notifications about logged errors.

In theory I could probably implement this by writing my own rules (is there an SMTP example anywhere?), but it seems like something that’s probably implemented, I just can’t see where. I do already have a custom SMTP provider configured, I’d like that to be used to email me simple notifications, without having to rebuild that SMTP integration and duplicate all the configuration myself in a rule.

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Hi @pimterry,

You should be able to accomplish this with rules. Depending on your provider there are rules that have been crafted to accomplish this exactly. Under the webhooks section of the rule templates you should see some send email with xxxxx templates that can help you accomplish that. For the logs I believe that can be accomplished with a rule as well. There should be a template that will get your roughly there.

Let me know if that helps!


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