Prompt Custom text (email-verification) not working

I’m using management api prompt to setup custom text.
I’m changing device-flow & email-verification.
usring /api/v2/prompts/{prompt}/custom-text/{language}

device-flow works great.
But email-verification didn’t work properly, it only shows custom text when verified error.
And I just found out your email-verification prompt example is totally different than actual usage.
Please refer your example page:

and email -verification actual page as attached image:

I remember it works fine before, is there any changing in auth0 recently.
And how can I solve this.
Thank you for your time.
Tell me if you need any other info, thx.

Hi @hancort.chu,

It looks like you are currently using Classic Universal Login, but are trying to update the custom text of the New Universal Login.

Try switching on New Universal Login in the dashboard and see if the changes are realized.


Hi @dan.woda,
Thanks for the reply,
I’m actually using custom universal login.
Will it make any difference if I switch to new universal login?


Yes. These are seperate entities. If you are using the custom login page features of classic you will not be able to seamlessly switch to New UL.

Hi dan,
Looks like switch to new universal login, did the trick.
Thanks for the help!

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Glad that solved it! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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