Customise email verification default landing page - classic universal log in

Is there any way to change the default text on this page to give the user more instructions on continuing?
I am not a developer but have access to my Auth0 dashboard

Hi @ian5,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Yes, you can change the text with the Customize New Universal Login Text Prompts API.

Doing this will require a bit of code, but I can help you with that. If you share your desired text I can write up a script for you. Otherwise finding a developer at your company might be helpful for this task. :smiley:

Hi @dan.woda

Thanks so much for the offer, and that would be amazing if you were able to write the script for this.

I’m looking to keep the large “Email Verification” text, but change the text under it, to say

“Your email was verified. Head back to the original browser window that you signed up through to log in”

Can you please share a screenshot of the prompt you are looking at? Maybe with some annotations?