Profile setup - "finish enrolling device" got stuck

Hey all,

I’m trying to setup 2fa for another employee, but the process of adding device is in a loop of passphrase.

How can we reset it?

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Hey @contact10, is this for a regular user or a dashboard admin? In the former case you can click on ‘Actions’ dropdown in the user profile and select Reset Multi-factor option.

If this is about a dashboard admin, you will need to create a support ticket with Auth0. Let me know if you’re unable to open one.

it is a dashboard admin, how can I open a support ticket? it redirect me to this forum.

Gotchya! Can you send me over private message your tenant name and the email? Thank you!

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Thanks for providing the details. I will open an internal ticket in a minute and will let you know once I have any updates!

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Same problem here. Just sent you a PM.

Hey there everyone!

I got contacted by one of our engineers and it turned out to be a known issue.

The proposed workaround is to have another admin user for that tenant reset MFA for the affected user.

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Hi all!

@konrad.sopala Thanks for the quick replies!
But what if it is in the Dashboard Admin and I have no other administrator on my tenants?

Thanks again for the help :wink:

That’s a good question indeed! :slight_smile: Let me confirm that with the engineering team. I didn’t mention that as we hoped you guys have another admin :slight_smile:

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Really appreciate the effort you’re putting into this. :smiley:

No worries! We’re here for you! I’m still waiting for the answer from our engineering team.

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Oki doki guys! Here’s the solution for single admin tenants :slight_smile:

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