MFA not working and now I have to put in a recovery code every time I login

Something went wrong when I tried to setup MFA with my admin account and now the only option I have is “Finish Enrolling Device”. If I click it I have to put in the recovery code and then nothing else happens. I still have the “Finish Enrolling Device” button and now everytime I login I have to put in and save a new recovery code. There is no obvious way to turn off MFA and I even had one of the other admins delete my admin account, which only seems to remove the connection from the tenant and not actually delete my account. I signed back in and still had the same exact issue. I’ve read through posts and nothing is helpful.

No engineers or anyone available to help with this? I was directed here and told it was the only place where I could get support by the sales staff. If I can’t get basic support during a trial what is it going to be like if we actually pay for service.