Enroll New Device Not Working

I am an Admin on my dashboard and have recently purchased a new phone. I am able to login to my account with the recovery code. I have Reset Multifactor Auth on my account and sent myself an Enroll Device Email.

When opening the email on my phone and selecting Enroll Device, I am redirected to my companies Auth0 login where it says “Logging in”, sits there and never completes. I can see the attempts to enroll as 'Enroll Started` in my users history as well as the Unenroll Device when I did the MF reset.

I reference the other similar posts and have tried opening it directly both on my phone and laptop; both in regular and incognito. I even tried copying the link address and pasting it directly to the browser. I cant seem to get my device enrolled so that I can continue to the dashboard.

Hey there @talis, I apologize for the delay in response.

I understand it’s been some time since this topic was posted but I wanted to follow up and see if you were able to overcome this issue? If not please send me the associated email and tenant name so we can further investigate this together.

Just for historical context, below is our standard procedure for handling MFA resets:

Due to the age I am going to keep this topic open for ten days just in case you have any questions. Thanks!

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