Problem with latency in China

I have some troubles with latency from China. I tried to making authorize request with 3 tenants from EU, US and AU.

Response time (ms) from locations in China:

  • Beijing - CN 2571(US) 7133(EU) 4074(AU)
  • Shangai - CN 2987(US) 3364(EU) 3254(AU)
  • Hangzhou - CN 2207(US) 2489(EU) 3799(AU)
  • Qingdao - CN 5590(US) 2267(EU) 1738(AU)
  • Shenzhen - CN 2744(US) 1870(EU) 3480(AU)
  • Zhangjiakou - CN 2903(US) 2726(EU) 2187(AU)
  • Guangzhou - CN 1996(US) 4235(EU) 3409(AU)
    Could you please take me an advise, what can I do with such latency? Is there way to accelerate that request?

Hi @dgorbatykh :slight_smile:
How are you currently measuring latency?
Also, please note that this could be caused by many different reasons: local proxy, poor internet service, amongst others.

Can you please elaborate more so we can give a more accurate reply on our end? Thanks in advance.

Hello @lobo! I measured latency with service I just interest to know, are you have some solutions to avoid that problem?

Thanks for the link. The problem persists: it could be any kind of factor which does not rely on our end, as I explained in my previous answer.

Probably, Auth0 planned to open opportunity to create tenants in China’s clouds. However, thanks to you for your answers! Have a nice day!

Is there any solution now? Will china endpoints be created?

Hey there @franzhang!

Not that I’m aware of in terms of our roadmap but you should certainly report it as feedback to our product team so they can take it into account. Here’s the website for providing us with feedback:

Thanks a lot for that!