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Problem with latency in China



I have some troubles with latency from China. I tried to making authorize request with 3 tenants from EU, US and AU.

Response time (ms) from locations in China:

  • Beijing - CN 2571(US) 7133(EU) 4074(AU)
  • Shangai - CN 2987(US) 3364(EU) 3254(AU)
  • Hangzhou - CN 2207(US) 2489(EU) 3799(AU)
  • Qingdao - CN 5590(US) 2267(EU) 1738(AU)
  • Shenzhen - CN 2744(US) 1870(EU) 3480(AU)
  • Zhangjiakou - CN 2903(US) 2726(EU) 2187(AU)
  • Guangzhou - CN 1996(US) 4235(EU) 3409(AU)
    Could you please take me an advise, what can I do with such latency? Is there way to accelerate that request?


Hi @dgorbatykh :slight_smile:
How are you currently measuring latency?
Also, please note that this could be caused by many different reasons: local proxy, poor internet service, amongst others.

Can you please elaborate more so we can give a more accurate reply on our end? Thanks in advance.


Hello @lobo! I measured latency with service I just interest to know, are you have some solutions to avoid that problem?


Thanks for the link. The problem persists: it could be any kind of factor which does not rely on our end, as I explained in my previous answer.


Probably, Auth0 planned to open opportunity to create tenants in China’s clouds. However, thanks to you for your answers! Have a nice day!