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Localization strategies (EU & China)


We are currently evaluating if we want to use Auth0 for our customer portal.

There are some questions I could not find any or any good answer on either here in the community or at the website.
I only found issues regarding logins from china and use of the services. Are there any strategies or plans to build a chinese tenant? How will Auth0 solve the requirements created through the chinese cyber security law?
Second thing we saw was that the european HQ is in London, what will happen if Great Britain leaves the EU? Will the data than be stored in another country?

Thanks and best regards, I hope we will receive quick feedback.


Hey there @BenedictTRUE!

I’ll ask those questions internally cause you’re right we don’t cover them anywhere. Let me get back to you once I have any updates!


Hey @BenedictTRUE!

I have some followup info that I can disclose.

  • When Great Britain leaves the EU the EMEA HQ will still be in London.
  • Currently the EMEA region is serviced from our EU Datacentres in Frankfurt and Dublin - this will continue after the EU Exit plan has been executed
  • Unfortunately I cannot provide you with any info on our expansion to China for now
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