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Auth0 SSO Issue - Mainland China & HK


We recently launched Auth0 SSO for our production environment and our customers from Mainland China & HK cannot get pass the hosted log-in page of Auth0.
Any help will be much appreciated as it is affecting our business.
Its been over 2 days, i raised a Support Ticket and no one is even bothered to acknowledge it.



I know that support team has been a bit under-capacity because the April 1st migration lead to an increased number of support tickets; the team is growing to account for this, but this sort of spikes still leads to some delays.

In relation to the issue, I’m unaware of any specific issues in accessing the Auth0 service from China, however, other services are blocked in China (Google/Facebook) so that would mean any feature in the Auth0 service that depends on those services would also be unavailable. I also checked and the ticket you open is now already assigned and being reviewed so given it’s easier to share troubleshooting information through the ticket I would recommend to continue the analysis of the situation there.


Thanks you Joao.
Yeah finally its been assigned.