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Is this how Auth0 Support work?


Hi all,

We implemented Auth0 SSo on 19th March and our customers in Mainland China cannot access our platform.
It was effecting our business, hence just for China users we are running our Application on a independent server with our Auth0.

I’ve raised a support ticket long back and there is hardly any update on it.

I dont know if this is how Auth0 support functions.Its Terribly scary ! Hopeless !
I would NEVER promote Auth0 to any one especially if this is the kind of support you get.

Could anyone please help me in knowing about our Account manager ?

We just started with Auth0. Everyone was so very responsive a pro-active until we signed our contract.
They went even a step further and added us on linkedin :slight_smile:

But post signing contract,not a single person whom we chatted and talked, doesn’t even respond to one single e-mail. :slight_smile: Not even a single email.We dont know who is our Account Manager.

Yesterday i was discussing with our Director and by looks of this we wont be going far with Auth0.
Product could be good but if your support is pathetic especially when you pay for business grade plan,then it will lose its charm very soon.

Thanks for you advice


I apologise for your experience as that is not our intention or even typical practice. I will contact you directly to see about changing this experience for you.