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hi, i just want to ask if anybody else noticed an overall poor support quality from auth0 support team?
from my experience A they only answer once per day , B most of the times their first, and second answers are mostly boiler plate, and until you don’t sleeping out for them they do not bother really understand the question… I hope this is just a corner case for us but so far we had 3 tickets and all of them had same pattern…
I am planning to invest more into auth0 ,upgrade account but kind of worry about their support …

Hi @leo1,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community.

I am really sorry to hear about that negative experience with support. We are looking to rectify the issue. Are there any questions I could assist you with in the mean time?


I wanted to follow up on this @leo1 and see if there is anything we can we do to assist you? Please feel free to let us know and we are happy to help, thanks!

I have unsuccessfully tried:

  • “talk to sales”, then click “my inquiry is technical”. Three questions about a week ago. No answer yet
  • creating an issue on github, about a week ago. No answer yet

I have seen multiple issues on github and in this forum that were never answered or that were given up after initial inputs from auth0 employees. Some of these issues were rather important (getting auth0 to run when using electron for example).

Having lots of problems and not managing to get auth0 running correctly myself: this is very disconcerting. To say the least.

I’m sorry to hear that @alex.barbalex, I would be happy to discuss with you what challenges you are facing in a new community topic or a direct message, which ever you prefer. I want to make sure we help you overcome any hurdles you may be facing.

@James.Morrison Thanks for asking. @dan.woda already contacted me, see

Obviously this is the place to ask :slight_smile:

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