Is Auth0 officially supported in China?


Is Auth0 officially supported in China? If not, when will it be officially supported?

I’ve searched the Auth0 community and did not find any answers. The closest was Auth0 accessing from China - #4 by mathiasconradt which seems to indicate potential issues with Chinese regulatory compliance, and Localization strategies (EU & China) - #4 by konrad.sopala which says there’s no timeline for Auth0’s expansion to China.

Besides, people are reporting problems with Auth0 in China:

As I understand, to operate legally in China, all websites must get an ICP license (ICP license - Wikipedia) which does not have today.

Furthermore, according to Private Cloud on AWS Deployment Options, Auth0 Private Cloud does not yet support China region, does it mean Chinese users information on Auth0 will be stored outside of China?

If that is the case, how can we use Auth0 in a way that is compliant with the upcoming PRC Data Security Law coming into effect on 1 Sep 2021?

Thanks for your help to clarify in advance!


Hi @peterchiuglg,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Auth0 is not currently supported in China, and I have no timeline of when it will be.

Unfortunately, as it is not supported, we can’t give legal advice on how to comply.

I apologize I could not be of more help, and hopefully, this clears things up.

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