Auth0 accessing from China

I am planning to use Auth0 service for Chinese users. I noticed that there are no servers that are hosted in China, and because of that my main concern is the firewall that China has. Weather my azure hosting web application will be able to access Auth0 in Australia.

I have a server that is in China and was able to call Auth0 api, but I am not sure how reliable that is. As the authentication and authorisation is so critical that the system I am building will stop working once the app can’t access the service. Has anyone done the same integration especially for China and can share their experience?

Auth0’s APIs can be accessed from China - the only reason you would run into issues is if you want to use any connections or integrations that are blocked by the firewall (e.g. Google or Facebook), or if Auth0 itself is blocked in the future (I don’t see why this would happen).

If you only intend to use database connections (email/password) you should be fine. I suggest thoroughly testing this with any connections or integrations you want to use.

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Keep in mind that though it might be technically possible, there are certain regulations/limitations in regards to transferring PII (personally identifiable information) of Chinese citizens outside of China.
Keywords: Chinese Personal Information Security Specification, China Data Protection Regulations
Therefore, legal aspects of it should be considered as well.