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I am setting up a web application in Germany and thus have to comply with the GDPR laws. In particular, I have to list all non-EU countries where Auth0 stores the user data. I am using a free account and selected the EU as the tenant region. Auth0’s documentation outlines a number of aspects related to GDPR but beats around the bush when it comes to the countries. Thus, do I have to list any countries outside the EU where Auth0 stores data?

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Hi @Chr,

Take a look at this quote from a recent blog:

The primary location in which Auth0 will conduct its core processing of your customer data is chosen by the customer when they create an Auth0 tenant. For our UK and EU customers, this is almost always the AWS EU region, which is made up of a primary data center in Frankfurt (Germany) with failover to a second data center in Dublin (Republic of Ireland). This means if a customer selects the EU region, then all data processing activity by Auth0 will take place within the EU aside from a few limited exceptions (Management Dashboard & Customer Support, as covered in more detail below).

Taken from this post.

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