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Data Sovereignty



I’ve asked the question of sales twice now but haven’t had a response, so hoping someone here can help resolve a question?

We have a data sovereignty requirement for a new project and I need to determine that if we create an Australian based tenant that all of the user data is stored within Australia or not? When creating a new tenant, selecting a region displays text that kind of implies that data would stay in Australia, however a clause in the Privacy Policy states that all data will reside on Auth0’s servers in the US.



I’m looking for the same information. When I store my users name in my account, where does that actually get stored? We need this information for compliance.


Hi gremwell,

Apologies for not putting this on the topic, but I eventually got this reply from Auth0 support a couple of weeks ago:

In response to your initial question. Auth0’s public cloud has multiple regions (Australia, UK and The US). If you were to create a tenant in Australia, the Data would reside in our AWS instance in Sydney. I hope that helps answer your questions.

If you need confirmation from Auth0 directly, the contact that replied was: Michael Robinson