Changing existing tenants to new region

Hi -we’re still in early development but noticing sometimes the Auth0’s lock can take quite a while to load on mobile devices - hanging the webview for a few seconds.

So I’d like to try moving our existing tenants to the Australia region (where we are) to see if that improves it. The announcement of the Australia region recommended to contact support however not being on a paid subscription plan yet haven’t that option. Is there some way this can be done via the dashboard?

According to Auth0’s Data transfer policy (, Auth0 is not transferring data from one account to another.

A possible workarround for you is to create a new account in the region of your choice and then use the Management API V2 (Auth0 Management API v2) to transfer the data (users, clients, connections).

Thanks, but isn’t this simply deploying the account instance to a new region as a unit, as opposed to creating a new account and transferring the data.

E.g. I can change the region of an Amazon S3 server and the instance (as a whole) just gets deployed to the new region - rather than creating a new S3 instance and copying the data across.