Post Password Change - email template - redirect doesn't work

Problem statement

I am testing “Post Password Change email template” by making POST calls using Postman on:

In body I provide client_id, email and connection. I get the email but I am not able to redirect to the URL after a successful password reset. Below are the details.

  • {{ application.callback_domain }} - it doesn’t populate any value in the field. I tested by trying to print the value in the email body but it came out blank. I put the value in “Redirect” field in the template but it did not redirect me after the password was reset. All I got was “Success” message page.

  • {{ }} - this value does populate in the email body. But when I put “{{ }}” in the redirect field in email template, it didn’t redirect me.


  • If you wish to keep using the new universal login, they need to turn on the password reset template
  • Switch to classic universal login with the password reset template being turned off.

Also potential workaround: embed the redirect link as a separate link in the email itself.