Passwordless Login Doesn't Send Emails

Hello! I’m trying to set up an application to use passwordless login via “magic link” emails, and I’ve run into a baffling issue. When I submit an auth API request to start passwordless email flow, the API returns a success, but no email is sent. I’ve tried via CURL and the ASP.NET Nuget package. I’ve also used the “Try” button in the dashboard, with no success.

There are two things that seem bizarre about this.

  1. Each request is logged in the logs as a success. The Try button in the dashboard also pops up a toast that says the email was sent.

  2. In the response object returned by the API call, the email_verified property is always false, even for users whose email has been verified (as proven by examining that user in the dashboard). I’m not sure if this is related or not, but it’s confusing.

I’ve attempted this with four different users, with different email addresses. The emails aren’t getting caught in spam filters.

The Verification Email and MFA Enrollment Invitation emails that you can send from the dashboard do work.

I originally set this up following the guide at Passwordless Authentication with Magic Links. This seems like a configurational problem, but I’ve read and re-read all the auth0 docs on this topic and tried tweaking every setting I can find. Could someone please tell me what I’m missing? Thank you!

Well, it turns out they were getting caught in a pre-mailbox spam quarantine. If your junk mailbox is empty, keep looking…

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