Passwordless Link redirects to normal login

I am trying to implement a passwordless login with link via email.

To do so I send the users email to the server endpoint. It calls Auth0. The email gets sent.

# POST /passwordless/start
	"client_id": "{{client_id}}",
	"client_secret": "{{client_secret}}",
	"connection": "email",
	"email": "{{email}}",
	"send": "link",
	"authParams": {
		"redirect_uri": "http://localhost:3000/auth/confirm"

When I now click on the link in the email I am being redirected to a normal login page with an email and password prompt. What am I missing?

Hi @mschewe ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

The redirect URL taking you to the Login Page could be due to your tenant using the New Universal Login. This article explains Passwordless Authentication with Universal Login.

I tested the same scripts, and the magic link works fine with Classic Login enabled.

Hope this helps!