Passwordless Magic Link - Active User Becomes Unathorized

Hi Auth0 Community,

I am testing Passwordless Magic Link however an active user who can sign in normally by email and password are not able to sign in through Passwordless Magic Link. Error of “Wrong email or verification code” is found in Log. Passwordless Connection is enabled in target app.

Please advise possible issues I could further investigate. Thank you

“error”: {
“message”: “Wrong email or verification code.”,
“oauthError”: “unauthorized”,
“type”: “oauth-authorization”

Hi @kewong ,

Thank you for posting this topic on Auth0 Community!

I just tested Passwordless Magic link earlier in Postman and could not repeat this error.

Could you please provide us the body scripts? Thanks!

Hi lihua.zhang,

I was able to generate Passwordless Magic Link email and then clicking the magic link on email caused errors in Auth0 log:



Hi lihua.zhang,

The same user failed by Passwordless Magic Link is able to sign in normally by email and password. It explains user authorization is fine with this user.

Does going through Passwordless require additional change in user permission?

Hi @kewong

Are you using the same browser to generate a request for the magic link and login? When using magic links from Universal Login, both the initial request and its response must take place in the same browser or the transaction will fail . Doc


Hi jeffo,

I generated the Passwordless Magic Link email on tenant console’s “Try” feature. It is the same default browser for both tentant console and email link browser.