"Wrong email or verification code" but with success in logs

I am using passwordless authentication and magic links for logging users into my app. For most users, this works as expected. However, there are a few users who always receive the error, “wrong email or verification code”. The strange thing with these users is that when I look at their history, I see successful logins logged. I don’t see any errors.

These users have been asked to retry logging in and have sent different screenshots all showing the same “wrong email or verification code” error message. Yet the logs always say successful login. My app simply displays the error message generated by Auth0, so it’s definitely not something that’s hard-coded into the app.

I’m at a loss on what could be causing this. What could be causing this kind of behavior? What else can I try in order to resolve this or get more info on these login attempts?

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Typically, these errors would be caused by the OTP or magic link having expired. Magic links in particular can return this error if the user has an automation that scans and opens these links prior to the user.

I can take a look at your logs and see if I can find anything there, just DM me the name of your tenant and a rough timestamp for these errors.


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