Auth0 and passwordless: "Wrong email or verification code" error


Seeing an error using the magic link emails. We’re utilizing a custom domain with the JavaScript client, but the link in the email is using a domain. When we click on that link, it generates a “Wrong email or verification code” error. If I instead modify the domain of the link to use our custom domain, the link works and we’re able to sign in. Any suggestions? (Also, it’s odd to me that the custom domain is configured and shows as valid, but on the Auth0 application, I can’t choose that domain-- the domain field itself is read-only. However, other login options work (both Google and Facebook).


If an Auth0 staff member sees this, here’s the log message for this error:

Ah, I found the tenant setting for using the custom domain for the passwordless magic link emails. That fixes the issue, but I’m confused as to why either domain wouldn’t work for the purpose of that link.

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