Can I use passwordless magic link with new universal login?


I’m using new universal login.

Using the API / our website, I make a passwordless/start (magic link) api request and I get an email with link. However, when I open this link - I’m not being redirected, but asked to signup.

New universal login can’t handle magic link redirect?

related question - the welcome email must be enabled to receive the magic link? If it’s disabled I don’t get the email.

Hi @ran2,

Passwordless must be implemented with Classic UL or embedded login. Documented here: Passwordless Connections

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According to @dan.woda it’s not possible to use passwordless with new universal login

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It looks like that was a spam user, sorry about that!

Update: Passwordless for New Universal Login is now in EA!

Check it out: Passwordless with New Universal Login