Passwordless Login - Custom E-mail Body


I have implemented passwordless authentication (email) for my “test” client and I have customized the body of the email in the “Body” section, however, The e-mail being sent seems to be the default. It seems auth0 is not using what I entered.

Am I missing anything?

Did you set your own custom email provider?

No, Not at the moment. I’m testing out the features before I decide whether or not to implement Auth0 as a permanent solution.

One of the limitations of using Auth0’s built-in email provider is:

“You will not be able to use any of the email customization features. The content of the emails sent for testing will be restricted to format of the existing templates.” (

This is why even when you change the email templates, the email sent is the default one. Here you can find a guide on how to customize your email templates: