Customized email templates look fine in test, but get sent as default templates

We use passwordless logins, sent through Sendgrid as our email provider. This works fine.
I’ve customized the “Verification Email (using code)” template and when I send a test mail it looks as intended. However, when going through the universal login widget the emails we receive are the default ones. Not the customized ones. Am I doing something wrong?
We have a free auth0 account (for now).

Hi @m.vanlaatum ,

If I understand correctly, you want to customize the email sent by the passwordless connection. As mentioned in this article, the email template of passwordless connection is not configured via the Email Templates section. Instead, it’s part of the settings for the Email Passwordless Connection.

To customize this template, please go to Authentication → Passwordless → Email, under Settings, and make changes to the Body scripts.

On the other hand, the Verification Email (Using Link) or Verification Email (Using Code) template is for users who sign up with a database connection, not a passwordless connection. That’s why the changes you made to the template are not reflected in the Passwordless Email connection.

Hopefully, the above details have answered your concern. Let me know if any other queries about this topic. Thanks!

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Thank you @lihua.zhang - that was probably it.

You are very welcome :slight_smile: