Passwordless Authentication Email not received, but Test works


we have set upped passwordless auth and tested sending the email via Branding → Email Provider → Send Test Email.

But when we use the Passwordless Auth on the page no error is shown and no one receives an email. The Auth0 Monitoring just shows:
“error”: "Error sending email: "

Hi @flaussmann

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I’ve checked your logs with tenant settings and it looks like a URL that you have in the callback section starts with https:// but there’s a mismatch with the actual URL that starts with http://. Please check this section and let me know if this helped.


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Hey @dawid.matuszczyk thanks a lot for the help.

I think I don’t fully understand.
This is the redirect uri and it comes from a https origin.

Our prod and stage environment are basically in the same configuration. Stage works with auth0 mail provider.
All endpoints are https only.
Auth0 Settings match as well, I think.

But the error log still says: “error”: "Error sending email: "

Am I on the wrong foot?