Password Reset Redirect ( .Net management sdk )

So in our application we have some logic to invite a user. In order to accomplish this, we create a user via the Management API and then send the user a link to reset their password. Here is the code snippet:

public async Task<string> GetPasswordResetLinkAsync(string userId)
    var token = await _auth0ManagementAPITokenManager.GetAccessTokenAsync();
    var management = new ManagementApiClient(token, new Uri($"https://{_auth0managementAPIConfiguration.Domain}{UriConstants.ApiEndpoint}"));
    var passwordResetLink = await management.Tickets.CreatePasswordChangeTicketAsync(new PasswordChangeTicketRequest
        UserId = userId,
        ResultUrl = "xxx"
    return passwordResetLink.Value;

I am using our prod domain instead of “xxx”, however once I follow the link ( sent via email ), and reset my password it does not redirect to our prod domain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.