Password Redirect Post User Registration


We are creating users using Management APIs v2 and have created a ’ Post User Registration’ hook to send out a password change email. User is able to change password and on Successful change, User is shown a redirect button to click on to navigate back to website.

How can one redirect the user automatically on successful password reset??? I have tried providing ‘Application Login URI’ but it does not redirect the user automatically.

Any thoughts?

Hey there!

By redirecting automatically you mean without clicking the redirect button?


Yes, I would like the user to be redirected automatically. I realise that this is not possible at the moment as I read in another question posted in community. I have put this as feedback Redirect post Password-reset.

Exactly that’s what I wanted to write. Thanks for doing that!

Why do we have this text in the docs if the above is true? this is confusing and not true or am I missing something here?

‘With the New Universal Login Experience, Auth0 redirects users to the default log in route when the user succeeds in resetting the password. If not, Auth0 handles the errors as part of the Universal Login flow and ignores the redirect URL provided in the email template.’