Integrating redirect after password change and passing parameters (New Universal Login)


we are trying to build an invitation flow for our product.

This is what already works:
→ Admin creates team
→ Admin invites members with email
→ For the invited email we create a new user with a random generated password through the management api of auth0
→ We create a change password ticket with the management api of auth0
→ We send the ticket to the email that was invited to the team
→ The user can set his own password (new universal login)

This is where we are having some problems:
→ After successfully changing the password the user should be redirected to our product with custom parameters. (example:{id}&email={email}).

Does anyone know how we can use the new Universal login to have a user automatically redirected to a custom url with paramaters we provide?


Hi @IgorAdm
Following is the document about the variables are available on the Redirect To URL: Customize Email Templates

Hope this helps.