Redirect post Password-reset

Allow automatic redirect post successful Password reset

Description: If redirect url provided User should be automatically redirected to provided url on successful reset of password.

When we create user using Management APIs, we create a hashed password for the user which we would like the user to change their password on first login. We achieve this by creating a Post User registration hook which sends the combined email (email+password reset). When user changes their password, on success they are displayed a success message and a button to be taken back to web.
The automatic redirect would do away the need for this useless click and make the overall user flow more integrated.

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Thanks for sharing that feedback. Let’s see how many people will be interested in such improvement!

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We have the same scenario, but we also use Organizations and each Org has a different Redirect URL to return to. This could be a solution to our problem.

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Thanks for sharing that @erich !

Yes, this would improve the invite flow tremendously. It should be possible to simply log the user in and redirect.


Thanks for adding your +1 to it!