Overall feedback

Feedback from the developer previously located in the introduction thread.

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Hi your product feedback form doesn’t even seem to work. I didn’t get any “Success” message when I submitted my feedback. So I looked at the console. It looks like it’s failing.

Also, why do you lock posts after 14 days? I don’t really see the reason why I can’t help someone with an issue because a couple weeks have passed. It’s not necessary to close issues. This isn’t a ticket system. I’m a long time contributor to the forums.meteor.com community and we don’t auto-close conversations there. It doesn’t hurt; it helps!

Finally, why am I here? We are quite frustrated with this limitation of the Universal login Experience:

It’s not possible to link to the Signup page or default to it. Users will land in the login page, and can navigate to Signup from there.

When we decided to implement Universal, we thought this wouldn’t be such a long running open issue. Is it really so challenging to fix? We thought you’d have resolved this limitation sooner. It’s quite a bad first experience when a customer clicks “Apply” or “Get Started” then they only realize they are on the wrong form after they enter and submit their email and desired password and get an error. We strive to delivery a really delightful customer experience, but Auth0 makes it hard.

Hey there!

Sorry for that experience. It’s strange as we’ve been receiving feedback through the form and nobody reported such issue. Will check that!

  • There’s the default autoclosure setup up the way that after 15 days from the reply being marked as the solution the topic closes. Otherwise we as admins and moderators can close topic if we see that there has been no activity even though my might have encouraged to do so.


the fact that topic is closed doesn’t mean it cannot be reopened. We’ve got questions from time to time to reopen topics as they need more consideration and help and of course we do reopen then and to the research to provide appropriate solutions. So just let us know which one should we open.

Getting to the product issue which will be great if can have separate topic as in here where you touched several points if others will be looking for similar help they probably won’t find it.

It’s true that you cannot set sign-up tab to default and I do totally understand that it might be not the best experience. All I can do is to advocate for your need to our product managers. Auth0 is a product company and as every product company its teams have their backlogs and priorities. While I cannot manipulate backlog directly as product managers do I can certainly pass that to Universal Login product manager. Sorry for any inconvenience!


Hi @konrad.sopala with the feedback form, i tried it on Safari and it seems to work. But I can suggest an improvement there too. The confirmation message is very small and far away (on my large, 4K monitor). It’s easily overlooked, leaving users feeling unsure if their message was sent or not. I didn’t notice last little, popup the first couple times, so I thought maybe the form was broken

Thank you for providing that feedback I will pass it straight away to our product team!

In terms of universal login limitation, here is an official list of them that Universal Login team is working on:

I’m closing this thread as we are already addressing Universal Login issue with setting default tab in another thread. Thank you!